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Jennifer Garner portrait by mach5 Jennifer Garner portrait by mach5
Well, here's my most recent drawing. It's actually been done for a few weeks now, but I haven't had access to a scanner.

Like every drawing I've done in recent memory, this was drawn from a source photo. I'd give credit to the photographer if I knew who it was.

I had originally planned on applying some workable fixative and doing her freckles and other minor details as well, but the night I was going to do it, I couldn't get the fucking cap off the stuff, and I got frustrated and gave up. Maybe in the future, who knows.

Anyways, the biggest flaws I saw in this one was my positioning of the eyes wasn't quite on, off by a few mm's, and I didn't define her nose well enough. Other than that, I'm especially happy with the lips and jawline. I'm not so crazy about the hair - I still have a problem being able to recreate flowing hair very well. I really need to work on that in the future.

As always, comments of the constructive kind are much appreciated.
kaku Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2003
That's very impressive. I agree with the hair issue, as it looks more like clumps rather than sheeky, smooth hair (as to how to help you change this, I have no clue, it's just my observation ;) ). I love the texture on the lips, and I love the eyelashes especially. Very nicely done!
ychi4100 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2003   Traditional Artist
Not bad. You could work a bit more on her hair. It looks flat to me.
snacks Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2003
wow! this is just captured her expression very well and the shading is great....although,

the shading on the left almost makes it look like theres a hole in her may be very accurate, but thats whaty it looks like to me..
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October 24, 2003
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